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[Notice]DME and Hydrogen as a Fuel for Agriculture

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시설온실용 DME연료전지 배열 에너지 순환 및 CO2 자원화.jpg

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Commencing Korea Government’s National Project: ‘Exhaust Heat Energy Circulation of the DME Fuel Cell for Greenhouses and Development of CO2 Utilizing Technology’


Project Main Operator Bio Friends Demonstrating at the Canaan Farmers School

In January Bio Friends Inc., Canna Farmers School, and Smart Green Energy, Inc. have started a project that constructs an agricultural complex for the circular economy of the agricultural area. This project is a part of ‘Inter-Ministry Packages for Developing Innovative Technologies for Smart Farms’ hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of South Korea. The companies involved will supply hydrogen fuel cell and DME as a fuel, using waste energies. The demonstration of this project shall be executed at the Canaan Farmers School, which will make a contribution to achieving government’s plan that constructs an agricultural complex for the circular economy of the agricultural area.   

Sangji University in Wonju-si, Jeollanam-do Environmental Industries Promotion Institute, and University of Ulsan will participate in this project to apply an energy circulation system, which utilizes renewable energy sources, to smart farms. 

As a fuel for hydrogen fuel cells, DME produced at Bio Friends’ Boen Plant will be provided to smart farms to which natural gas is not provided. Exhaust heat from hydrogen fuel cells shall be used as a heating source for smart farms during the winter season. In summer, the project will use a triple heat combining system, which is combining electricity air conditioning/heating, and CO2 carbon farming all together using heat pumps. 

This project is composed of two stages. The first stage will show the stable operation through the demonstration. It is expected that farmers can obtain more profit by improving productivity of the farming and applying automation system or AI, which is the core technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution and can provide labors to short-handed farmers 

In particular, the carbon farming, one of representative CCS technologies, is to store global warming causer CO2 at agricultural produce. This project is planning to create a representative model that can reduce the greenhouse gas emission at the agricultural sector. 
According to CEO Wonjun Cho, if this project is connected with conversion of CO2 into DME using waste energy, it can be expended to the project that can produce eMethanol and eDME utilizing CCUS technology. He also said that this project will be a bridgehead for securing DME’s position in the agricultural area as a fuel. 

In recent, because of each country’s effort to cope with the recent climate change crisis, most developed countries have declared a plan to achieve a zero-carbon society or carbon neutral society by 2040. The world has to rapidly transition into a low-carbon fuel before 2040. It is expected that DME can be spotlighted as a bridge fuel for carbon neutrality. Also, DME can be considered as one solution for eFuel projects. 

Through this project, we have to accelerate energy transition to low carbon fuel in the islands, mountainous area, and agricultural area of South Korea. At the same time, we have to pay attention to the way how we prepare the green hydrogen era.  

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