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Resource Manufacturing

Nature and human-centered energy engineering.

DME Manufacturing

DME is produced from existing fossil resources as well as biogas, a renewable energy, and this is called rDME. The physical properties of DME are similar to LPG, and it is a very clean fuel that does not produce soot or soot when burned. DME is liquefied at -25℃ at normal pressure and 5~6bar at room temperature, making it very easy to store and easy to vaporize, making it easy to use. It is also used as a mixed fuel of LPG-DME and is used as an alternative fuel for diesel because its cetane value is similar to that of diesel fuel. DME is colorless, non-toxic and harmless to human.

"DME is currently used in refrigerants, foaming agents, and aerosol markets in addition to alternative fuels. Biofriends Inc.'s DME manufacturing process is designed and constructed with its own technology, and DME is produced and purified through dehydration reaction in the reactor using methanol as a raw material to prevent harmful substances from occurring during orders by consumers and companies." "Currently, Boeun's production plant operates and operates a 5,000-ton DME production plant annually with a rated strategy, and the second plant is being designed with the aim of producing 10,000 tons annually in the first half of 2023."

DME Supply

BioFriends manufactures methanol into DME using the DME plant and transports it directly to the purchasing company. "Currently, our company deals with the aerosol, refrigerant, and LPG blended fuel markets, and in the future, we plan to contract and supply whenever a number of manufacturing and production markets that require DME emerge and expand."

Intended use of DME made for fuel

Thermal Energy
Vehicle Power Energy
Mechanical Power Energy
Hydrogen Energy Source : International DME Association

Low-emission Superiority of DME Fuel

DME 연료는 디젤, 가솔린, LPG 등의 기타 연료에 비해 오염물질을 월등히 적게 배출한다.

Comparison of physical properties of DME and other fuels

Propane(C3H8) Butane(C4H10) Methane(CH4) Diesel DME(CH3OCH3)
Boiling Point(bp)(℃) -42℃ -0.5℃ -162℃ 200~300℃ -25℃
Lower Heating Value [Liquid] (kcal/kg) 11,050 11,430 11,943 10,220 6,960
Cetane Number 5 - 0 40~50 55~60