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[Happy New Year] The new year's greetings from the CEO of Biofriends Inc. and the president of the Korea DME Association.

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Expectation of DME project for carbon neutrality

Chairman of the Korea DME Association, Cho Won-joon, CEO of BioFriends Inc.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that continues after 2020, the energy and environmental markets at home and abroad have truly entered the spring and autumn nationwide era. has reached a point where

DME is now linked to methanol and DME through chemical conversion from CO₂, a greenhouse gas, to form a new platform in the energy source, fuel market and chemical market.

In consultation with a European LPG company that intends to enter the LPG-rDME mixed market discussed by the World LPG Association in the second half of 2021, our association will also start a business to demonstrate the DME technology and LPG-DME mixed market accumulated so far. BioFrances will develop an LPG-rDME fuel or energy mixture market in consultation with a domestic LPG company so that it can play the role of rDME by producing DME from methanol manufactured through the methanol manufacturing demonstration project from carbon dioxide, which won as a netzero government project in 2021.

As a continuous project, we would like to expand our capabilities to establish itself as a carbon neutral fuel for ships offshore from rural areas, smart farms, and urban areas where natural gas is not supplied. As a result, I hope it will be the first year to reinforce member companies with corporate-centered associations and promote cooperative projects with the government and local governments for practical projects.

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