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[Happy New Year] 2023 BiofriendsInc., and Korea DME Association Chairman's New Year's greetings.

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rDME Becomes Low Carbon Fuel



▲Cho Won-joon, CEO of Biofriends Inc., and president of the Korea DME Association.


The new year, which means a black rabbit, has come in 2023.

Over the past three years, human exchanges have been cut off due to COVID-19, but fortunately, mankind has gained consensus in the cyber world, bringing about a new cultural and technological revolution. Last year, the Ukraine-Russia war highlighted the importance of security between countries, and, moreover, energy security and energy diversification were the starting point for survival and competition among countries that could no longer be delayed.

At a time when the paradigm of all industries is shifting to 'decarbonization and carbon neutrality', sustainable energy, clean environment, health, sanitation, food, Fields such as agriculture and digital culture will have to cooperate organically.

DME, a low-carbon eco-friendly fuel, is manufactured from collected CO2 or biogas, so mixing it with LPG as a recycling chemical is reported to reduce carbon dioxide by more than 50%, and demonstration projects are underway in Europe and the United States. In order to apply it as fuel for small ships at home and abroad, it is expanding its use as e-Fuel, a carbon-neutral circulating fuel.

The Korea DME Association will continue to hold the Asia-Pacific DME Forum, which started successfully in 2022, and expand cooperation projects to grow as a low-carbon energy source.



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